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It all starts with how the team of pirates on the fastest ship "Black Pearl", led by Captain Jack Sparrow is a great treasure of gold on the island of Isla De Muerte. But skipper Hector Barbossa and his crew decides to inflict mutiny on the ship and Jack planted on one of the uninhabited islands of the Caribbean, and the team itself with new captain Barbossa goes to waste found gold on wine, food and selling of women, not knowing that it gold imposed an ancient curse and the one who will take out of the trunk, turn into an immortal, unfeeling monster who moonlight turns into a walking skeleton. Realizing that such a life was not pretty, team walking dead intends to return all the cursed coins back into the trunk to get rid of the ill-fated curse. Within ten years, the team returned the 662 coins and there was only one, which is the daughter of the governor of the town, "Port Royal" Elizabeth Swann. Meanwhile, Jack Sparrow, not only miraculously survived and escaped to the desert island, but is determined to regain his legendary ship. He arrives in Port Royal, engaged in a series of dangerous fights, trying to steal a boat turned up and go in search of the "Black Pearl". But at this time the "Black Pearl" is itself an assault Port Royal, and the team Barbossa takes prisoner Elizabeth last cursed coin, and then sent to the Isla De Muerte. In love with Elizabeth blacksmith Will Turner, teaming up with Captain Jack, successfully steals the brig of Port Royal. But, Will and Jack's intentions really are different: one wants to save his beloved girlfriend, and your other favorite ship ...

We very much hope to welcome you at the next JESIUM conferences!

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